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Stable and Rigid

  • "Our Frame on/Frame off" System provides access to the body without body distortion.
  • Our brackets are constructed of 2"x3"x1/4' angle iron, for rigid mounting.
  • Our freestanding bases are joined at the outside to form a stable perimeter.
  • Our Jigs are versatile, they can hold trucks and cars with ease.
  • All Auto Body is painted with industrial-strength enamel.
  • Our Jigs can hold a maximum of 3,000 lbs.


Convenience and Versatility

  • Our Jig has Body Frame stiffeners.
  • Base connectors are removable to provide access under the body for floor jacks. 
  • Our Jigs have adjustable height, length, and width so that almost any auto body can fit on our jigs. 
  • Adjustable crossbar to provide easy balancing, easy one-handed rotation. 
  • Bracket system is drill and bolt so that you do not have to weld or cut the body. 
  • Modular Construction allows for compact storage and shipping of our auto body rotisserie. Our dimensions are 37" high x 60" wide x 27" deep. 
  • Our Jigs can be used to hold axles, transmissions and other parts of a vehicle. 


Our jigs come with two 6" wheels that are rated at 1,200 lbs each. Our Jigs wheels make it easier for you to transport your jig using a floor jack.

We offer eight combinations of wheels for you to use on your premises.

Pneumatic wheelset can be pulled or pushed with a vehicle. 

Our off-pavement kit allows you to easily push or pull your jig on your premises.